David Greely, founding fiddler of the Mamou Playboys, has for years been assembling a repertoire of uncommon Cajun music. He uses old and rare tunes, new companion pieces to the old ones, and striking new melodies that meld Cajun roots with fiddle sounds he’s heard in his travels worldwide, and arranges them with novel instrumentation and rich harmonies.

“This album is breathtakingly and heartbreakingly beautiful. Some of the songs made me cry, others made me laugh out loud. The music is characterized by affectionate virtuosity. It is immediately and imminently clear that the musicians love this stuff deeply, enough to play it with honest conviction and true love for both the music and the musicians they learned it from, and enough to invest all their talent and taste to play it as well as it deserves to be played.”

– Barry Ancelet, Professor of French and Folklore
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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